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About Us

Stephanie Boutin
Stephanie Boutin, Founder  

Stephanie's Story

When I discovered my child had food allergies, it suddenly felt like nothing was safe. I was anxious, I wasn't sleeping, and I spent hours reading labels at the store, researching recipes, and preparing food.

It turns out I was not alone. In the US, about 12 million households are affected by food allergies. Research shows that more than half of those affected suffer anxiety and are not adequately managing their allergies for lack of time, information, or resources.

The tool I created to better manage my child's allergies became a mission to help others.

What Makes Us Special

SafeRecipes is optimized for allergen screening and can handle any combination of allergens well beyond the top-14. It uses a proprietary algorithm that determines allergen content and thresholds directly from the list of ingredients. Sensitivity levels can be customized during searches, yielding fewer wrong (and more correct) results that fit any profile.

SafeRecipes is a collaborative collection of resources created by users for users. With SafeRecipes, anyone can simply share recipes. Submissions slide-in without curation, and our system determines whether they are safe for you. Results are automatically filtered to provide quick access to the clearest and most relevant content.

Our Mission

The SafeRecipes mission is to help people with challenging diets easily find recipes and products that fit their needs. We want to reduce stress, boost confidence, save time, provide convenience, and offer a place to connect and share.

Stay Alert!

We're here to narrow your search, but you are in charge of your own safety. Some recipes feature options or ingredients that may not be safe for you. An ingredient or product from one brand may be safe for you when the same ingredient or product from a different brand may not be safe for you. Some companies change the compositions of their products without changing the look of the packaging. ALWAYS check labels before buying or consuming!